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Welcome to
Royal Rascals            Persians!

To our friends around the country, we are now living in Canonsburg, PA. We will miss you Southern California!

Thank you for visiting our site. Royal Rascals Cattery was established in 2006 in Southern California. Princess "TARRA" Chatty, a doll face Persian, was the
first love in the family, until most everyone who saw this beautiful Princess wanted her, we never intended to become breeders. But, we took our time, started to do our homework, researched the breed, reading nearly everything we could find out about them! There was no "hit and miss" or "trial by error" as we prepared and committed ourselves to do it right or we were not going to do it at all. We then set out to find the perfect love for Tarra! Prince Sydney "ROYCE" was the boy for our Princess. He is a handsome doll face Himilayan Persian! I believe that it was love at first sight as they began to purr and groom each other! That was ten years ago! Since then, we have enjoyed placing happy, beautiful, sweet, loving, healthy, and playful kittens with wonderful families throughout the country.

We moved from Southern California to Canonsburg, Pennsylvania in the summer of 2014 so as to be closer to, and share life with family that we have been away from for a very long time. It's so good to be home!

Our hope and goal for the future is to continue caring for and breeding Persian and Himalayan kittens for as long as we have the privilege of doing so. I would like to personally welcome you to our site. Thank you for visiting.

If there is anything I can do to help you in finding a Persian kitten, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

Phone 661-645-5778

Have a "meow" kind of day!



The photos below are:
Princess "HAVALAH" Delight
Princess "LAILA" Gold Jolee and
Prince "OLIVER" Chance
I adopted these three beautiful Persians on January 28, 2012, and they are now beloved members of our Royal Rascals family.
We purchased them from a breeder who needed to retire unexpectedly and we couldn't be happier to have them join our
Royal Rascal family.  
Princess "HAVALAH" is a beautiful orange tabby with large round sweet copper eyes. She is very docile, loves everyone, cuddles, purrs like no other cat I've ever owned, and is thoroughly enjoying the company of the rest of our feline family.  She is also quite capable within a split second of getting the whole bunch running from catwalk to catwalk, then down to the floor, up the towers, and back across the catwalks again, back down to the floor and rolling around.  Thus, her name...Delight!
We also have nicknamed her Havalah Houdini
because she can open crates, the French doors, and
find her way into cabinets that were closed!
We love her to pieces!

Princess HAVALAH Delight

Princess "LAILA" is a blue, copper-eyed beauty. She is also very docile, sweet, easy-going, and a no frills kind of girl who loves being a "mommy" and takes everything in stride. She doesn't like to take liquid vitamins every day, but she puts up with me! She is a sweetheart with a wonderul purrsonality and we are loving and enjoying her! She is so beautiful!
Oh yes, almost forgot, she is quite the talker, too!  I talk to her and she talks back to me. 

Princess LAILA Gold Jolee

Mr. Prince "OLIVER" Chance is a creampoint with large round copper eyes.  His parents are Grand Champions.  He loves his back scratched, seems to go into a trance when I clean his eyes, is not real big on being bathed but tolerates it. He's not what you'd call a people kind of cat, so most displays of affection are on his terms. However, within a relatively short time of petting and holding him, he will lay in my lap for hours letting me mostly rub his nose. He is our purring machine and we love that he is here with all of us! I love having him fall asleep in my lap!
I love you, Oliver boy! I'm so glad you are here with us!

Prince OLIVER Chance

The most recent additions to our Royal Rascal Family are these two beautiful girls!

Princess "ZOE" Pretty Girl Pearl

Dutchess Angelea Mariabella Grace who we will rightly refer to as our "ANGEL"

Princess "JAYME" Tatiana

Havalah and Zachary gave us "Zoe"

"Angel" is Halia and Zachary's baby girl!

"Jayme" is Prince Zachary and Princess Havalah's beautiful girl.

All three of these beautiful girls are absolutely precious and delightful additions to our feline family and they are like best friends with each other. We just didn't have the heart to separate them when we arrived here on the east coast. We could not be happier to have made that decision! They are so, so sweet and playful! We will be adding another little boy (a blue-eyed white) to the family at Christmas time who will love them and Sire their babies! Thank you for visiting and getting to know our Royal Rascal Family!



               Drum roll please: We are very happy
                           and proud to introduce
                   Prince EMMETT Leonides Mont Blanc
                           to our Royal Rascal Family!!!
            He is the most adorable, loving, sweet, playful,
        happy, funny, cuddly, gorgeous blue-eyed boy we
   could have every hoped to have join our feline family.
    He loves everyone! He is affectionate and sweet with
      all of our girls and even Oliver thinks he is okay to
                           have around the house!
     We love you, Prince EMMETT Leonides Mont Blanc



                                  Our handsome boy 
                     Prince Sydney "ROYCE" (Retired)
                                      and gorgeous
                    Princess "TARRA" Chatty (Retired)

Prince Sydney "ROYCE"

Princess "TARRA" Chatty


                 Princess "CIARRA" Chatty (Retired) 
                       is Royce and Tarra's little Princess. 
                          We became so attached to her
                      when she was a kitten that we just 
                couldn't part with her. So, we purchased   
                  Prince "Zachary" Tanner (Retired) 
                         a flame point Persian for Ciarra;
                            he had her heart at, "meow!"

Prince "ZACHARY" Tanner

Princess "CIARRA" Chatty

Princess "HALIA" Blue (Retired) ("Halia" means unexpected gift). We named her Halia because we were not planning to add another queen to the family, but when I saw her picture online I fell in love with her sweet little face with the big blue eyes. She is the sweetest, most friendly, affectionate, easy-going little girl and we love her to pieces. We breed Halia with either Sire Prince "ZACHARY" Tanner or Sire Prince "OLIVER" Chance. She had her first litter of 7 babies (amazing number of babies for a first litter) in October 2011. And yes, just in case you're wondering, every one of her babies grew into beautiful healthy cats that are living with their new forever families! Halia is an amazing "mommy" and her babies are mostly just like her: sweet, affectionate, and loving!

Princess HALIA Blue


Our E-mail Address:


As of the summer of 2014, we are now settled
into our new home in 
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 15317
Santa Clarita, California 91321
You are welcome to
(661) 645-5778
Thank you for visiting

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